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About Us

Honey I Scratched the car - leading mobile paint and bumper repairersIn 2007, one of Australia’s leading mobile paint and bumper repairers opened the door to a new way in accident repairs using S.M.A.R.T. repairs and the Honey I Scratched the Car retail concept was born.

Since then, Honey I Scratched the Car has built a solid reputation for providing high quality paint and panel repairs to minor car paintwork scratches, dent removal, bumper bar scuffs and alloy wheel scrapes eliminating the inconvenience and expense of using a traditional panel beater.

Bumper Bar repairs like this can be carried out to your car same day.Bumper bar with hole. This type of repair can be carried out same day.Damaged front bumper bar.  Repair can be carried out to your car same day.
Front bumper bar repair.  Typically repair that can be carried out on your car same day.Panel damage to your car like this can be carried out same day.Side panel dents can be repaired same day.
Scratches and dents to car paint can be repaired same day.Scratches along sides of cars can be easily fixed. Same day repairs for this style of repair.Car scratch repairs to sides of cars, bumper repairs all completed the same day.
Bumper bar scuffing and sratches. Repaired same day.Bumper bar sratches and damage to paint on bumpers can be fixed same day.Bumper repairs. Fixed like new, same day!
Car park damage like this can be repaired same day.Small marks like these scratched paint areas can be quickly and professionally fixed. Same day repair.

Our Mission

We are an ethics based company who will never put money ahead of people and we are committed to delivering our customers with the best possible repair experience in the world
David Bruckshaw, Director

Professional accident repairs are carried out using the latest S.M.A.R.T repair technology to achieve a factory finish and maintain the value of your vehicle.

Honey I Scratched the Car is eco-smart using environmentally friendly products and adhering to the strictest of EPA Guidelines.

We are nationally recognised as an authorised PPG Repairer and we regularly carry out work for premier brands such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Lexus as well as warranty work for all brands.

About the Director

David Bruckshaw


It all started with a great idea.

In 2005, founding director David Bruckshaw wanted to improve the options available to customers who only needed small car scratch repairs on their vehicle. He was not hindered by insurance companies and wanted to give his customers the kind of service and quality repairs that their car deserved.

With skyrocketing insurance premiums, he wanted to offer a service that would cost less than an insurance excess, save your driver rating and avoid the red tape involved in making a claim. His idea included finding a way to make invisible car scratch repairs without losing the car to a panel beater for days on end.

The idea went even further, he wanted to create more than just a place to get the paint and panels of your car repaired; he wanted to provide a comfortable and inviting place that appealed to the retail market so people could enjoy the experience.

After patenting a paint repair process in 2002, he developed the revolutionary S.M.A.R.T. (Small to Medium Area Repair Technique) technology concept and the first Honey I Scratched the Car retail store opened its doors. It was to become the start of one of Australia’s most innovative franchises.

Honey I Scratched the Car is a completely retail focussed concept offering full repair services and same day accident repairs with the motto ‘it’s fixed or it’s free’.

The brand strives to maintain its essence of being a family-grown business and believes in being large enough to be the best, but small enough to care.

If you have damaged your car this is the place to get it fixed - FAST. Great service, low prices & same day turnaround. Brilliant!

- Ben - Capalaba, Qld