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Hazy, crazed or discoloured headlights on your car

- Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Are your car headlights dull?  Polycarbonate lenses on older model cars can become hazy, cloudy and crazed due to the effects of sunlight exposure and air-borne pollutants. This can affect the vehicle's road worthiness as it reduces the car headlight output.

Here at Honey I Scratched the Car we specialise in car headlight lens refurbishment, which can restore the lamp to an acceptable road worthiness condition, from just $88 for a set (pair).  Find your nearest store.

Car headlight with hazing

Dull headlight glass / hazy and smokey appeareance from exposure to sunlight and pollutants

Enlarged view of hazing

Enalrged view of hazy, dull headlight 

In severe cases, headlights can be crazed underneath (cracked), this can’t be fixed and replacement with new or good second-hand lamps are cost effective options.

Better vehicle lighting can improve driver recognition of objects and therefore increase vehicle safety.

Stay safe, and happy motoring!