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We can save you time and money on accident repairs!

If you’ve damaged your car, Honey I Scratched the Car offers a great accident repair service, low prices and a same day turnaround. Most of all our accident repairs are a fraction of the cost of a traditional panel beater.

Bumper Bar repairs like this can be carried out to your car same day.Bumper bar with hole. This type of repair can be carried out same day.
Damaged front bumper bar.  Repair can be carried out to your car same day.Front bumper bar repair.  Typically repair that can be carried out on your car same day.
Panel damage to your car like this can be carried out same day.Side panel dents can be repaired same day.
Scratches and dents to car paint can be repaired same day.Scratches along sides of cars can be easily fixed. Same day repairs for this style of repair.
Car scratch repairs to sides of cars, bumper repairs all completed the same day.Bumper bar scuffing and sratches. Repaired same day.
Bumper bar sratches and damage to paint on bumpers can be fixed same day.Bumper repairs. Fixed like new, same day!
Car park damage like this can be repaired same day.Small marks like these scratched paint areas can be quickly and professionally fixed. Same day repair.

During the paint repair process, professional colour matching is undertaken to make sure the car scratch repair is invisible. So, instead of needing an expensive paint repair process across a whole panel, we can simply make a car scratch repair, fix a bumper bar or dent removal saving you time and money.

So whether you need a single car scratch repair or multiple bumper bar scuffs removed, the work can be undertaken in a relatively short amount of time, restoring your cars paintwork to its original condition.

Honey I Scratched the Car is not only cost effective, it’s convenient too. We operate from fixed store locations, with many of our accident repair centres offering a customer drop off service.

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I had a big scratch on my car and was scared to find out how much it would cost to fix. I didn't scratch it, it got done in the shopping centre car park. But, they were friendly and accommodating. They quoted me a good price, even though it's a metal flake gold. I had it done and now I can look at my car again without getting frustrated.

- Sandorz – Rothwell